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Fantasy Costume

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This community was created for all fans of fantasy costumes, discussion and re-creation of them. All posts are welcome on the topic of posting photos, screencaps, your personal projects, ideas, questions, and anything else related to fantasy costumes from films, anime, theater productions, books, original designs - anything!

We don't have many rules, but here are a few to ensure that everyone has a good time:

- Photos must be under a cut. One small "teaser" photo may be above the cut, but no more.
- An attempt at good grammar and spelling will be appreciated.
- Off-topic posts will be deleted. If a user posts more than two significantly off-topic posts, they may be banned.
- Anyone who spams will be banned.
- Promotions are allowed only if they are related to fantasy costuming.
- Sales posts are allowed only if they are on-topic and not annoying. :P
- Adding tags to your entries is a great way to keep everything organized. I will be adding posts to the memories as well according to topic.

For the sake of consistency, here's what I define as "fantasy": Anything without a strict basis in reality, whether it comes from films, anime, or your own imagination. If you could wear it to the supermarket without getting at least one weird look, it's probably not fantasy. *L* If it's based on a historical period, that's okay too, but we won't want to hear exactly why it's period-accurate. ^.~ I'm not going to be terribly strict about what is considered fantasy and what's not, so don't worry about accidently posting something off-topic unless it blatantly has nothing at all to do with costumes.

The maintainer, lutine, can be reached at cherieish (at) gmail (dot) com. If you are interested in helping out with banners or making the community pretty, please contact her. :)

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