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Costumes for Sale! *prices now include shipping* [Feb. 12th, 2010|02:22 pm]
Fantasy Costume


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Hi! I hope it's all right to post this. (If it's not, I'm sorry.)

I worked for three seasons at a Halloween store and have accumulated many costumes (a lot were impulse buys.) and now I find myself with more costumes than I want. So I'm selling the majority of them.

They're all fantasy-related.
It's funny, because the store was next door the supermarket I worked at permanently, and if I needed to get something, I'd go over in costume. Let's just say, I garnered a lot of looks from customers and fellow staff members. ^_^

EDIT 2/20/10 ~ Dropped prices on the costume and added shipping cost to each. So, if the prices seem higher, it's to accommodate a $15-20 shipping charge in a bubble mailer. (Canada Post isn't cheap.)

The costumes below the cut are:
Official Queen Arwen
Tina the Target
Sweet & Sexy Witch
Kandy Korn Witch
Vampire Cape
Lil' Bo Peep

I prefer PayPal as a Gift and am open to offers.

All except for one of the costumes have been opened and tried on. I worked at a Halloween Store for three seasons and they let customers try on the costumes. A couple of them have small defects, and I'll mention that in the description. Also, remember that Halloween costumes usually tend to run small as a rule. Some of bags and inserts are damaged, but it does not affect the costume.

Also, this is important: All costumes are "sales final". I won't accept returns if, for example, it doesn't fit. These can run a bit small. If you're curious about measurements, leave a comment and I'll try to find it out.

Arwen Costume ~ $60.00 (includes shipping)
Official Lord of the Rings costume; Size: Adult One Size; Includes: Dress, crown; Pics Show: Dress, Sleeve, Detail, Rip in back

Sweet & Sexy Witch ~ $35.00 (includes shipping)
Packaged under the Spirit label; Size: Adult M/L; Includes: Sexy lace-up bodice dress with ruffle trim, witch hat with buckle; Note: Worn several times. That hat fits a lot better when not wearing a wig.

Sailor Girl Hat (comes with Sailor Girl costume)(Now Shown)
Arwen Crown (comes with Arwen crown)
Sweet & Sexy Witch Hat (comes with Sweet & Sexy Witch costume)

Tina the Target Costume ~ $45.00 (includes shipping)
Packaged under the Spirit label; Size: Adult Large; Includes: Dress with sequin trim and lace ruffle and underskirt, latex knives, lace choker, white glovelettes, apple headpiece with feathers; Note: The knives do not have blades, they slip through the small openings in the bodice and are supposed to lie against your skin.

Gwendolyn ~ $35.00 (includes shipping)
Packaged under the Spirit label; Size: Adult Large; Includes: Dress, headpiece (not shown).

Vampire Cape ~ $45.00 (includes shipping; heavy)
Packaged under the Spirit label; Size: Adult One Size; Includes: Lined cape with clasp; Note: This is a really nice, lined cape, black with red lining.

Little Bo Peep ~ $45.00 (Difficult to part with)
Made By: Leg Avenue; Size: Adult Large; Includes: Dress w/ sheep pin on apron, head piece, & shepherd's crook; Note: The dress has been worn a couple times, not the headpiece. The crook has never been taken out of the bag or assembled.
Please note that I did not include shipping for this costume. The reason being, it would have to ship in a larger bubble mailer so as to fit the staff, and I have not gotten a quote yet.

Thanks for looking! ^_^